Graffiti Eyes


Grunge Wall


Since the beginning of time communication has been a STORY TELLING art form.


It has transcended gender, religion, culture and geography by means of messages, paintings, smoke signals, art, sculptures, tattoos and tapestries. Each message had a story to tell some of which have lived through the ages and still survive till this day. Every place, space, colour, language, food and dress comes from a district. Districts bare the mark of HERITAGE. They carry an ETHOS of rich HISTORY and HABIT.

DISTRICT MEDIA are STORY TELLERS, we are SAVANTS of our art form and in turn CUSTODIANS of your brand identity. We have honed our skills into a perfect blend of foresight, agility, CREATIVE prowess and the hunger to succeed being pioneers in our field. Outdoor Media represents an AGE OLD ART FORM to us, it is a means by which you the client communicate with your tribe and others alike. 

Let us tell your story so that your message will be heard far and wide.